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Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7100 Construction Adhesive

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Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7100 Construction Adhesive

A premium quality, 2 part adhesive that is highly viscous, provides outstanding bond strength and is impact resistant with good residual elasticity.

Particularly suited for the bonding of plastics though it also exhibits good compatibility with a variety of metals, wood, ceramics and other materials.

Weicon RK-7100 Construction Adhesive is a 2-part fast curing adhesive based on methacrylate. This high-strength structural adhesive is generally used to bond different materials such as plastics, metals, wood, ceramics, fibre reinforced materials and many more. RK-7100 has a high viscosity which allows it to be effectively applied to vertical surfaces.

Weicon RK-7100 construction adhesive is processed using Weicon’s proprietary “easy-mix” system whereby the two components (adhesive and activator) are mixed together inside the “quadro” mixing nozzle in the required ratio of 1:1 meaning no manual mixing is required.

Creamy white in colour, the cured adhesive displays good residual elasticity, is impact resistant and exhibits a high tensile bond with high shear and peel strength. The adhesive is also resistant to aging and is able to be utilized in applications where temperatures are between -55°C up to 125°C. These features have seen RK-7100 used in a wide array of applications including, but not limited to:

  • Metal construction
  • Plastics technology
  • Car body and vehicle construction
  • Machine construction
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Model and mould making
  • Trade show and exhibition construction
Available Sizes

Weicon RK-7100 Construction adhesive is available from AG in 50ml easy-mix cartridges. These cartridges are able to be dispensed using most conventional dispensing equipment, however for the best result, consider using the Weicon Hand Dispenser D50. Extra “quadro” mixing nozzles are also available from AG upon request.

For larger jobs, consider Weicon RK-1300 or RK-1500 Two-Part Structural Adhesives which are available in 60gm, 330gm, 1kg & 6kg kits. For more information, please contact your local AG branch.

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon RK 7100 Structural Acrylic Adhesive TDS
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Weicon RK-7100 Structural Acrylic Adhesive SDS Hardener
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