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Nomex 414

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Nomex 414

A premium quality electrical insulation paper, it offers increased flexibility and impregnability whilst maintaining high mechanical and dielectric strength.

This grade of electrical insulation paper is electrically and thermally similar to the original Nomex 410, however a different calendaring process produces a sheet which is even more flexible and conformable.

Nomex 414 is a high quality calendared insulation paper which offers high dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and outstanding resilience. Manufactured by DuPont® this grade of electrical insulation paper is electrically and thermally similar to the original Nomex 410 however a different calendaring process produces a sheet which is even more flexible and conformable. Nomex 414 also offers improved impregnability over the 410 grade. AG offers this high-performance insulation material in 5 thicknesses ranging from 0.09mm to 0.38mm thick and can also supply it in custom fabricated insulation components to suit the needs of your application.

This grade was designed for use as slot insulation in hand-wound motors, however the combination of outstanding electrical properties, mechanical strength and thermal endurance (UL recognised as 220ºC insulation) have led to Nomex 414 also being employed in a wide range of other applications including as sheet insulation in fluid-filled transformer applications.

Nomex 414 is compatible with virtually all classes of electrical varnishes and adhesives as well as transformer fluids, lubricating oils and refrigerants. Common industrial solvents have a slight softening and swelling effect on Nomex 414, similar to water, though this is mainly reversible when the solvent is removed.

Available Sizes

AG can supply Nomex 414 paper by the roll, metre or kilogram. Standard roll width is 914mm wide and lengths vary depending on thickness. AG can also supply Nomex 414 in slit tapes, with or without adhesive backing, as custom folded components or intricately cut pieces. As official agents for DuPont®, AG has the access, stock and knowledge needed to be able to assist with your application.

For more information on the other grades of Nomex paper, please consult the pages on Nomex 411, Nomex 410 or Nomex 418 or contact your local AG branch.

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