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Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive

Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive

A high quality grade of liquid gasket adhesive designed for quickly and easily sealing metallic flanges.

Exhibits excellent temperature resistance and is often used in the automotive industry.

305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive is a high quality grade of liquid gasket adhesive designed for quickly and easily sealing metallic flanges, gearboxes and other motor housings. This grade is orange in colour and exhibits excellent temperature resistance which allows it to be used in applications between -60ºC and 200ºC (once cured).

Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive can be used to cover gaps up to 0.5mm and has a high viscosity for accurate application. AN 305-10 cures with high strength and creates a long lasting bond that will be hard to disassemble.

Technical Details
Colour Orange
For Threaded Joints Up To
Viscosity at 25ºC Brookfield 70,000 – 300,000 mPa
Gap filling capacity (max.) 0.5mm
Breakaway Strength (Thread) 18 – 25 Nm
Prevailing Strength (Thread) 15 – 25 Nm
Shear Strength (DIN 54452) 5 – 10 N/mm²
Handling Strength at Room Temp. 15-30 min. (approx.)
Final Strength at Room Temp. 6-12 Hours
Temperature Resistance -60ºC to +200ºC
Available Sizes

Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive is available from your local Associated Gaskets branch in 50ml or 200ml bottles. These special pen shaped bottle allow for easy, accurate application while the base minimises the chances of any spillage.

Surface Preparation

In most applications, Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive does not require pre-treatment of the surface as even slightly oily surfaces cab still be adhered. That being said, best results will be achieved on cleaned and degreased surfaces (Weicon Surface Cleaner is ideal for this task). If required the parts should be slightly roughened.


Weiconlock AN 305-10 is ready to use from the moment you open the bottle. It should be evenly applied direct from the bottle/tube with the dispensing tip (avoid direct contact between the dispensing tip and metal). Weiconlock AN 305-10 should be applied evenly around the thread or flange surface.

Do not pour any excess Weiconlock fluid that has made contact with metal back into the bottle. Even the smallest metal particles will cause the contents of the bottle to cure once the lid is re-closed. In series construction or production line situations, the use of manual or automatic applicators is suggested. For full use instructions, please consult the TDS & SDS for this product (both of which can be provided by your local AG branch).

Additional Information and Resources

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Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing and Liquid Gasket Adhesive TDS
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Weiconlock AN 305-10 SDS
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Weiconlock Adhesives Brochure
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