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Marigold 8100BIL-K Packing

Material AG000333S01 Category

Marigold 8100BIL-K Packing

A tough and strong compression packing, this grade is produced from high quality graphite and PTFE filaments that is reinforced with Aramid corners.

Used in applications with temperatures up to 275ºC, it has outstanding chemical resistance; withstanding attack from media across the full 0-14 pH scale.

Marigold 8100BIL-K Packing is a tough and durable packing designed for very low friction start up and operation coupled with long lasting performance. This interlock braided packing is made from finely ground particles of high quality, high purity graphite which are encapsulated in a PTFE matrix to eliminate migration. Kevlar® corners are then added for even greater resistance to abrasion.

Used in applications with temperatures up to 275ºC, Marigold 8100BIL-K has outstanding chemical resistance; withstanding attack from media across the full 0-14 pH scale. This packing is utilised is valves, centrifugal pumps, rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps. It has a listed shaft speed rating of 10 MPS and a pressure rating of 34 BAR.

Like the similar Marigold 8100BIL, Marigold 8100BIL-K packing is manufactured using a specialised, high speed lubricant for quick break in and low friction during use. This, combined with the high quality construction and Kevlar reinforcement, leads to a packing capable of producing extremely long lasting performance and reduced shaft wear.

Available Sizes

Marigold 8100BIL-K Packing is offered by AG in sizes ranging from 3.2mm² to 19mm² as standard. Other sizes, custom length spools and preformed packing rings are also available upon request.

For more information on this packing, the similar (non-reinforced, lower pressure) Marigold 8100BIL, or any other grade in our Marigold Packing range, please contact your local AG branch where we’ll be only too happy to assist.

*Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont®

Additional Information and Resources

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