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Marigold 8011 Packing

Material AG000329S01 Category

Marigold 8011 Packing

Produced using a specialised twisting and die forming method, Marigold 8011 Packing consists of a high quality aluminium foil formed over a soft fibreglass core. The base ingredients are then treated with a blend of high viscosity light oil and high purity graphite flake to create a high strength, low friction compressible packing.

Typically used in boiler feed pumps, heat transfer pumps or oil change pumps, Marigold 8011 Packing is used in temperatures up to 538ºC and in applications with a media pH value of 4-10.

This high quality packing has a shaft speed rating of 10 MPS and is used in applications where pressure can be as high as 68 BAR.

Construction Aluminium Foil twisted over Soft Core
Temperature Rating 538ºC
pH Range 4 – 10
Shaft Speed Rating 10 MPS (2000 FPM)
Pressure Rating 69 BAR (1000 PSI)

Available Sizes

Marigold 8011 Packing is available from AG in a range of sizes from 3.2mm² through to 25.4mm². Standard length boxes are 8 metres in length but custom lengths can be provided upon request. AG can also supply Marigold 8011 as custom sized packing rings for easy installation. We also offer a similar grade (Marigold 8013 Packing) without the fibreglass core.

To discuss the suitability of this packing for your individual application, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.

Additional Information and Resources

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