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Our New Non-Destructive Crack Testing Agent Spray Kit

Available now from AG, our new Weicon Crack Testing Agent Spray Kit represents a fast, reliable way to locate potential cracks or fissures in a wide range of materials. This 3-part spray kit works by way of a colour penetration test which highlights any issues with the material surface without damaging it in any way.

The kit itself is made up of a cleaner / remover spray, penetrant and developer. Each has been specially engineered in Germany to be not only effective, but fast and simple to use. 

This type of testing is often conducted on stressed or critical parts such as those found on cranes, trucks, rolling-stock, marine craft, lab equipment and in the aerospace sector. 


The Weicon Crack Testing Agent Spray system can be used to identify and locate issues with the following types of material.

  • Alloyed and Unalloyed Steel
  • Steel, Grey and Malleable Cast Iron
  • Welding
  • Most Plastics (check compatibility first for sensitive types)
  • Other Solids
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Plating
  • Ceramics

Weicon Crack Testing Agent Kit Demonstration Video

To show just how easy and effective this system is, Weicon have put together a very brief demonstration video. This shows how our Crack Testing Agent Kit can be used to identify issues with the metal underbody of a truck.

You can see it for yourself below…

Cleaner / Remover (Steps 1 & 3)

Weicon Crack Testing Agent Cleaner Spray is a fast, effective cleaner specially designed for preparing surfaces for testing and cleaning up afterwards.

This spay on cleaner is designed to be material-neutral and is colourless. It can be used with many different types of materials including metal, ceramic, glass and most plastics (suitability should be checked first for sensitive types).

Importantly, after it cleans, it evaporates away without leaving behind any residues which could interfere with the crack testing process.

Penetrant (Step 2)

This red diffusion spray effectively finds and penetrates into and cracks, holes or fissures in a surface to allow for easy identification of issues through the subsequent use of the developer.

Engineered in Germany to find even the tiniest of cracks; it can be used in temperatures between 0°C and +50°C. Excess amounts can be cleaned away easily with the cleaner / remover spray.

Developer (Step 4)

Weicon Crack Testing Agent Developer Spray is used after the penetrant to make the identification of problems with a surface easy.

This spray is white in colour and able to be used with all types of metal, ceramic and glass as well as most types of plastic (compatibility should be checked in advance for sensitive types).

Availability and More Information

The Weicon Crack Testing Agent Kit will be available from Associated Gaskets from mid-October 2017. The individual sprays that make up the kit will also be available separately. For more information on these please click the links below or contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

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