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Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray

Material AG000395S01 Category

Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray

Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray is a high quality spray-on protective coating with excellent resistance to corrosion and weathering. This long lasting and easy to apply product is based on high purity ferric oxide pigments and provides permanent, weather resistant protection of surfaces.

Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray is used wherever metal constructions and installations are exposed to extreme weathering conditions or corrosive environments. As an additional feature, the spray provides an optically attractive layer to the parts.

Produced using highly pure ferric oxide pigments in a flaky arrangement, Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray got its name from the result it recorded in DIN 50021 / DIN 53167 Salt Spray Tests. In these tests, the spray lasted 2,000 hours without the underlying metal showing signs of corrosion which equates to around 20 years of natural weathering conditions.

Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray is abrasion resistant and is dust dry around 30 minutes after application. After approximately 24 hours it will be fully hardened and paintable.

Rust Protection 2000 Plus can be applied to shapes that are going to be subjected to flexing and mechanical stress (passed the DIN EN ISO 1519 test with no hair cracking) and is typically applied in temperatures between 18ºC and 25ºC and, once cured, exhibits resistance to temperatures between -50ºC and 300ºC.

Example applications for Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray include:

  • Steel constructions
  • Iron railings and lattice towers
  • Fences, handrails and balcony railings
  • Movable gates and outdoor lighting fixtures
  • The renovation of intact lacquer coatings
  • And all parts with high corrosion risk, e.g. welding seams, threads, edges, screws and nuts.

Weicon Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray is available in two colours; charcoal grey and silver grey. It is available from AG in 400ml aerosol cans.


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