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Weicon Plastic Metal TB Flex

Material AG000993S01 Category

Weicon Plastic Metal TB Flex

Weicon Plastic Metal TB Flex F is an exceptional 2-part epoxy adhesive with fire-retardant properties, ideal for the fire safety sector. This versatile adhesive creates robust, long-lasting bonds between various materials, from ceramics to steel, and substrates like metal or concrete.

Its impressive adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility, even in extreme conditions, ensure durable results. Tested to DIN EN ISO 340 standards, it triggers self-extinction within seconds.

Easy to apply and trowel, it cures at room temperature, accommodating applications up to 20mm deep. Withstand temperatures up to 120°C with confidence in this reliable, white epoxy solution.

Available from Associated Gaskets in a range of kit sizes.

Weicon Plastic Metal TB Flex is a specialised epoxy adhesive with fire retardant properties.

This 2 part epoxy can be used to create very high strength, permanent bonds between a variety of different material types. It is suitable for applications in the fire safety sector and is used to fix wear protection ceramics or steel parts to a wide variety of substrates, such as metal, concrete or similar materials.

The adhesive system provides strong adhesion adhesive, is hard-flexible after curing and has been modified to be impact-resistant. Even under the most extreme conditions, the adhesive does not become brittle. It shows good wear protection properties in particle erosion, has good chemical resistance and is free of solvents

TB Flex F contains additives that trigger self-extinction within a few seconds. It was examined in accordance with DIN EN ISO 340 at the DMT in Dortmund and successfully passed the test.

Plastic Metal TB Flex F can be applied using normal equipment (can be trowelled or spread easily) and cures at room temperature.

This pasty, white epoxy product is able to be applied thick when needed (up to 20mm deep per cure cycle). It has good temperature resistance and will handle continuous exposure to up to 120°C.

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