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Weicon Belt Repair Kit

Material AG000852S01 Category

Weicon Belt Repair Kit

A fast, reliable and versatile solution for making repairs to conveyor belts, repairing rubber coating and more.

Our Weicon Belt Repair Kits are based on polyurethane and cure to form a flexible coating that exhibits excellent resistance to tearing, abrasion and more.

Available in two different styles.

Our Weicon Belt Repair Kit is a versatile, economical and lasting solution for the repair and coating of conveyor belts.

This two part product is based on polyurethane and enable the fast repair of all kinds rubber and metal conveyors without the need for specialised tooling. Available in two different styles (a classic work pack with the compound in tubs or a syringe system), this German-made product exhibits high elasticity, wear resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. It is also good with most chemical types and withstands elevated pressure.

In addition to the polyurethane system, the set comprises a primer for surface pre-treatment, and a spatula to spread the compound evenly.

Weicon Belt Repair Kits have very high tear strength and cure quite fast. They can be removed from a mould (demouldable) after around 60 to 90 minutes if cured at 50°C. Full cure will take about 24 hours.

Applications for Weicon Belt Repair Kits

Our Belt Repair Kits are used suitable for various applications, such as the repair and coating of conveyor belts, the repair of rubber coatings, for use as flexible wear protection, and for the fast repair of worn-out rubber surfaces.

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