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Weicon Easy-Mix PU 90

Material AG000388S01 Category

Weicon Easy-Mix PU 90

High strength, fast curing glue based on Polyurethane. Easy-Mix PU-90 achieves mechanical strength after just 10 minutes and is thick enough for application to vertical surfaces or intricate parts.

Once cured, it can be painted over and sets to form lasting adhesive bonds.

Weicon Easy-Mix PU 90 is a versatile, two-part polyurethane based adhesive that is used to form fast high strength bonds between a wide range of materials. This high quality adhesive has a very short pot life of only 90 seconds and is highly viscose, meaning it forms instant bonds even on vertical surfaces without dripping or running. Easy-Mix PU 90 can be sanded or painted over just 30 minutes after application. Once fully cured it displays excellent resistance against chemicals and weathering and is able perform indoor or outdoor in temperature conditions ranging from -55°C to 125°C continuous.

Easy-Mix PU 90 is black in colour and once cured remains permanently elastic. Bonds created with PU 90 exhibit high tensile, shear and impact strength. The adhesive is compatible with many materials including fibre composite materials, polyurethanes, epoxies and polyester, steel, aluminium, wood, ceramics or wherever a highly flexible bond is required.

Available Sizes

Weicon Easy-Mix PU 90 comes in 50ml double-syringe cartridges complete with 1 quadro mixing nozzle. This unique packaging ensures that there is no manual mixing or measuring required when using the product as the two parts are combined and mixed as they travel down the nozzle prior to reaching the application surface. Extra quadro mixing nozzles are available from AG upon request. For a similar urethane based adhesive with a longer pot life we recommend Weicon Easy-Mix PU 240.

Before using this product, it is recommended that you consult the TDS and SDS for specific usage and safety information.

Adhesive Finder Tool

Unsure if this adhesive is suitable for your application? Try Weicon’s handy Adhesive Finder tool!

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon Easy-Mix PU-90 Polyurethane Adhesive TDS
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