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Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable

Material AG000543S01 Category

Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable

A halogen free, dual wall power cable is used in demanding applications where a tough, compact and flexible cable is required.

This single core cable is designed to carry maximum voltage at minimum weight and diameter.

Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable is a 1.8 / 3kV halogen free, dual wall power cable used in demanding applications. Physically tough, Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable is compact and flexible. This single core cable is designed to carry maximum voltage at minimum weight and diameter.

Key features of Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cables include:

  • Voltage Rating 1.8 / 3 kV
  • Operating temperature -40ºC to 120ºC
  • Utilises electron beam cross-linked RADOX® insulation that does not melt or flow at high temperatures
  • Enhanced corona resistance
  • Resistant to mineral oils and detergents
  • Compact and weight optimised
  • High flexibility and tight bending radii

Additionally, Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cables are also flame retardant, low smoke and have a low toxicity index.

Radox Traction Cables are used for permanently protected installations inside and outside of rolling stock to connect fixed and moving parts in both DC and AC equipment. They are particularly suited for inverted technology applications.

Available Sizes

AG offers Radox 4GKW-AX Traction cables in a wide range of sizes with the vast majority (everything over 6mm²) available in specific metre lengths. This cable is black in colour as standard (other colours can be produced upon request).

Standard Sizes include:

1.5mm² Cross Section
2.5mm² Cross Section
4mm² Cross Section
6mm² Cross Section
10mm² Cross Section
16mm² Cross Section
25mm² Cross Section
35mm² Cross Section
50mm² Cross Section
70mm² Cross Section
95mm² Cross Section
120mm² Cross Section
150mm² Cross Section
185mm² Cross Section
240mm² Cross Section
300mm² Cross Section
400mm² Cross Section

Radox® is a registered trademark of Huber & Suhner.

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