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Silicoul 13.8kV Silicone Coated Cable

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Silicoul 13.8kV Silicone Coated Cable

The highest voltage in the Silicoul range, Silicoul 13.8kV is manufactured with black, reinforced silicone rubber sheathing and exhibits high temperature resistance and mechanical strength.

The HV cable is stocked by Associated Gaskets in a range of different sizes; all available by the metre.

Silicoul is a high quality grade of silicone coated cable made from a flexible tinned copper core, separating tape, silicone rubber and a special synthetic reinforcing braid as a final coat. The reliability, cost effectiveness and general versatility of these cables has led them to be adopted as the industry standard for wiring a variety of different machines and applications.

Silicoul 13.8kV Silicone Coated Cable is black in colour and withstands continuous operating temperatures between -60ºC and +180ºC (as well as short-term peaks up to 230ºC). It exhibits good flexibility and is easy to work with.

Silicoul 13.8kV Cable Characteristics
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good resistance to Ozone and Corona
  • Bending radius 5 x d.
  • Compatible with most impregnation varnishes
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Good resistance to thermal shock and UV
  • Withstands continuous temperatures between -60ºC and 180ºC
  • Withstands short-term exposure up to 230ºC
  • Working voltage: 15kV
  • Black in colour
Approvals and Standards

Silicoul 13.8kV Silicone Coated Cable carries the following approvals:

  • Type approval certificates for use in shipbuilding industry , IEC 60092-350 standards.
  • F1 rated as per NF F 16-101
  • Fire behaviour – Meets requirements of IEC 60331-21, IEC 60332-1 et IEC 60332-3-22 tests.
Typical Applications for Silicoul 13.8kV Cable
  • Wiring of rotating machines: incl. motors, alternators and generators.
  • Wiring of static machines: incl. transformers, inductors, inverters and choppers.
  • The shipbuilding, transport and rail sectors.
  • Power supply.
Availability of Silicoul 13.8kV Silicone Coated Cable

Silicoul 13.8kV is available from Associated Gaskets in a variety of different sizes (listed below). Where possible, we’ll offer to  supply in lengths as short as one metre to help you eliminate wastage and unnecessary stock holdings. The less common sizes (usually under 6mm² and over 185mm²) may be subject to minimum order requirements.

Nominal Cross Section Nominal Outer Diameter
6mm² 11.8mm
10mm² 13.0mm
16mm² 14.2mm
25mm² 15.7mm
35mm² 17.2mm
50mm² 18.9mm
70mm² 20.7mm
95mm² 22.7mm
120mm² 24.7mm
150mm² 27.4mm
185mm² 28.9mm
240mm² 32.7mm
300mm² 35.3mm
400mm² 39.6mm


In addition to the 13.8kV Silicoul Cable described on this page, Silicoul is also available in 1.1kV, 3.7kV and 6.6kV grades.

For more information on these other grades, the 13.8kV listed here, or to discuss the best cable solution for your application please contact your local Associated Gaskets branch. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

Additional Information and Resources

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Silicoul Silicone Coated 13.8 kV Cable TDS

Silicoul is a registered trademark of Omerin.


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