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NP50 Cork

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NP50 Cork

NP50 Cork is a high quality, general purpose grade of cork sheet with low to medium compressibility and a moderate resistance to most oils. It is an excellent general purpose cork sheet that’s highly economical and available in a wide range of sizes.

Manufactured from solid cork granules with a Neoprene rubber (CR) binder, NP50 Cork exhibits good resistance to atmospheric attack and is typically used in applications with elevated sealing pressures and operating temperatures that fall between -30ºC and 120ºC.

This high quality grade of elastomeric cork is manufactured by Amorim®, the world-leader in cork composite materials, AG’s NP50 Cork is utilised in a wide range of applications worldwide. Some examples include:

  • As gaskets in transformers and electrical switchgear
  • For sealing in hydraulic equipment
  • For the manufacture of industrial gaskets for heavy equipment
  • In outdoor applications
Available Sizes

Standard sheets of NP50 cork measure 1270mm / 1040mm and are readily available in 1.5mm to 9.5mm thick sizes. In addition, AG’s extensive fabrication facilities ensure we can offer NP50 in slit rolls, custom cut gaskets or composite parts (where the cork is bonded to another material). These custom sized components can be produced from your samples, drawings or dimension lists and can be delivered quickly to fit in with the tightest of lead times.

Additional Information and Resources

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Cork Gasket Materials Info Sheet
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NP-50 Cork TDS

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