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EPDM Sponge O Ring Cord, Black, 25 Duro

EPDM Sponge O Ring Cord, Black, 25 Duro

Softer than solid rubber and ideal for making seals for applications with low bolt loads or little ability to affect compression.

Our EPDM Sponge O Ring Cord is black in colour and available in a range of diameters.

This closed cell sponge rubber cord has good chemical resistance, UV resistance and flexibility.

Our EPDM Sponge O Ring cord is ideal for making seals that require lower loads or amounts of compression to seal.

This closed cell rubber sponge has a hardness of 25 Shore A and is quite flexible and easy to work with. It has a maximum elongation of 300%.

This sponge cord is made from EPDM rubber and exhibits good chemical resistance as well as excellent resistance to UV and sunlight. It is black in colour.

Available Sizes

AG stocks our 25 Duro EPDM Sponge “O” Ring Cord in a diameters ranging from 3mm through to 16mm. All of these are available by the metre.

Custom O Rings

In addition to supplying the cord, AG is pleased to offer custom-made O Rings. Using one of our premium quality adhesives, we are able to produce these seals to suit your requirements. For more information on this capability or to enquire, please do contact your local AG Branch.


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