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Ceramic Braided Square Packing

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Ceramic Braided Square Packing

Manufactured from ceramic yarns that are reinforced with either fibreglass or nickel chrome wire, AG’s Ceramic Braided Square Packing offers exceptional thermal insulation performance without compromising on strength or insulation stability (especially in areas where mechanical vibration could damage the insulation).

This tough and dense type of thermal insulation provides excellent heat dissipation performance whilst simultaneously being tough enough to stand up to mechanical stress over a long service life. Because of this mix of physical toughness and thermal endurance, Ceramic Braided Square Packing is often used for high temperature gasketing, door seals, tank seal and other applications where the insulation will be subjected to repeated mechanical stress.

White in colour, the nickel chrome reinforced version of this insulation offers continuous performance in 1200ºC applications whist the fibreglass reinforced option is limited to 800ºC (though it is used in environments reaching 1200ºC where tensile & mechanical strength are not of prime concern). Both versions offer the same outstanding resistance to chemicals as the two ropes listed above.

Available Sizes

AG’s Braided Ceramic Packing (also known as Ceramic Square Rope) is available in sizes ranging from 10mm² through to 50mm² as standard with other sizes, rectangular profiles and specialised styles making use of other reinforcements (e.g. stainless steel) may be available upon request.

Standard sizes of our Ceramic Braided Square Packing are:


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