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Ceramic Twisted Rope

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Ceramic Twisted Rope

A high temperature grade of economical rope lagging, AG’s Ceramic Twisted Rope is available in multiple sizes and grades capable of withstanding temperatures over 1200ºC.


Available in two distinct densities, AG offers twisted ceramic fibre rope for applications requiring an insulation material capable of withstanding extreme heat whilst simultaneously offering good tensile strength and flexibility. Our standard Twisted Ceramic Rope is manufactured from glass reinforced ceramic fibres with a small amount of organic binder used to facilitate the carding process. This soft and compressible 3-ply rope is very easy to shape whilst still offering good tensile strength (even after prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures).

In contrast, AG’s HD Twisted Ceramic Rope is a 9-ply rope product that offers increased compression resistance and strength whilst also being approximately 40-60% denser than the standard grade. Both versions of our Twisted Ceramic Ropes are available in sizes ranging from 6mm through 100mm diameter.

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