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AG recognises the importance of precise components in electronics applications and is proud to have many years of experience in working with our customers in the electronics industry to deliver high quality, customised solutions. Our wide range of products ensures we are well placed to offer the very best solution, regardless of brand, whilst our independently verified QA system guarantees that our fabrication work is of consistent, uncompromising quality.

The sections below highlight just some of our products which are commonly used in the electronics industry. Many, many more are available and information on these is available either in the products section of this site, of by contacting your local AG office.

Silicones & PrimersMomentive Silicones

AG’s range of high quality Momentive Silicones contains a number of grades specifically designed for use in and around sensitive electronic components. We have a number of silicone grades which display high dielectric strength and can be used for encapsulation of sensitive controls or switches whilst our neutral cure adhesive range is widely used with copper and other soft materials that are not compatible with more aggressive, acetic cure products.

Many of AG’s grades of high quality silicones are available in numerous pack sizes which allows you to choose the best fit for your application.

Adhesives, Lubricants & Technical SpraysIndustrial Adhesives and Lubricants

AG has a board range of adhesives and lubricants used in the electronics industry. Including products from trusted manufacturers such as 3M, Weicon, Araldite and Loctite, AG has the quality products needed for your application. This diverse range includes materials for surface bonding, cleaning, protecting and assisting with dissembly in addition to a number of high quality urethanes, specialised technical sprays, repair sticks and plastic metal compounds.

The majority of grades are also available with no minimum order quantity and full traceability.

Electrical Insulation TapesElectrical Insulation Tapes

With a range of insulation tapes covering everything from PVC, polyester, polyimide, self-fusing silicone, PTFE and mica (and many, many more), AG has the tape you need for your application. Many of our tapes are slit in-house and can be cut to suit your custom width requirements and even re-rolled into specific lengths.

Our enormous range is always expanding which, coupled with our brand independence, means we’ll work to provide you with the very best tape solution, for your application.

Flexible Electrical Insulation MaterialsFlexible Papers, Felts, Films and Composites

Many of our flexible electrical insulation materials are widely used in the electronics industry. Relevant products include our Polyester Film, genuine DuPont Kapton and Nomex, flexible mica and composites such as NMN or NKN. All of these products can be supplied by the roll or metre or in cut component form.

AG’s extensive fabrication facilities can produce accurately cut items cut to tight tolerance to assist your production in minimising labour and wastage.

Electrical Insulation Sleevings942 Electrical Sleeving

AG’s range of electrical insulation sleevings are designed for easy application and insulation of conductors and joins of a wide variety of sizes. This range includes the popular 942, SD550 and 111 ranges of Vidaflex as well as a number of different grades, types, colours and configurations of very economical heat shrink sleeving.

We carry one of Australia’s largest ranges of stock of electrical sleevings and can offer many of them in different colours, sizes and pack types.

Electrical Epoxies, Coatings and CompoundsElectrical Epoxies, Coatings and Compounds

AG’s diverse range of electrical insulation compounds includes a variety of insulating varnishes, encapsulants, potting compounds, balancing compounds and putties.

This range of high quality products includes materials from trusted manufacturers such as Epirez, Elantas, Von Roll and many more. Many of these are available in a number of different pack sizes and all can be provided with full certification when required.

Rigid Electrical Insulation MaterialsRigid Electrical Insulation

Many of our rigid electrical materials combine high physical strength with good electrical characteristics and long lasting performance. Our range of Isoval Epoxy Glass Laminates and Haysite Polyester Glass both contain industry leading grades whilst our highly rated SRBF, SRBP, Silicone Bonded Mica and Switchpanel materials are all economical options for insulating a diverse set of applications.

All of AG’s range of rigid electrical insulation materials can be supplied in sheet form. Alternatively, AG can fabricate custom components to suit the tight tolerances often required in electronics applications. For more information on the full range of products available, or assistance in determining the best material for your particular application, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.