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Vidaflex 942 Sleeving

Material AG000028S01 Category

Vidaflex 942 Sleeving

Offers high resistance to abrasion, good dielectric strength and excellent thermal endurance properties.

This conformable, easy to apply sleeving is often used for insulation on a wide range of electrical equipment.

Vidaflex 942 Sleeving is a quality electrical insulation sleeving manufactured from a fibreglass core coated on the outside with a tough yet flexible acrylic resin. Used in applications where continuous temperatures will not exceed 155ºC (Class F), 942 Sleeving offers high resistance to abrasion and excellent thermal endurance properties.

Vidaflex 942 Sleeving has a thin wall thickness and highly accurate bore sizing which allows for easy application. This insulating sleeve has good dielectric strength and can be stored (in normal conditions) virtually indefinitely.

This conformable, easy to apply sleeving is often used for the insulation of lead-outs and cable endings on a wide range of electrical equipment. The range of colours available allows 942 sleeving to be used for lead identification whilst the flexibility shown by this sleeving allows it to expand over the top of made up joints and in the consolidation of coil windings.

Available Sizes

AG carries Vidaflex 942 sleeving in an enormous range of colours and sizes. Standard colours include Red, Yellow, Black, Green, White and Blue whilst some stock is also available in Brown, Grey and Orange. Standard sizes range from 1mm ID through to 25mm ID with more sizes. Custom length rolls and specialised colours are also available upon request.

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