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SRBP-N Paper Bakelite Insulation Sheet

Manufactured from a phenolic resin paper, SRBP-N offers good mechanical and dielectric strength and excellent compatibility with transformer oils.

Tan/Brown in colour, SRBP-N Paper Bakelite Insulation Sheet offers higher tensile strength when compared to SRBF whilst also being slightly softer and more flexible. SRBP is commonly used as an economical electrical insulation material in transformer repair/manufacturing applications where temperatures are not expected to exceed 115ºC.

This standard grade of SRBP-N is readily available from AG in sheets ranging from 0.4mm to 25mm in thickness, with other sizes available upon request. Like the SRBF above, AG is able to offer a full fabrication service for SRBP-N Paper Bakelite Insulation Sheet which means that we can supply cut strips, precision cut shapes or fully machined components that match your exact requirements.

AG recognises that repair work is often hard to forecast and urgent when it does happen. As a result, and since all of our manufacturing is done in-house, we’re committed to ensuring there’s no minimum runs for fabrication jobs so you can order just what’s required for a given job. We couple this with our record for delivering on the shortest lead-times possible so that you can get the job done and out the door on schedule.

For information on our SRBP-N Tube, please follow this link.