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Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable added to

Like many of the other Huber & Suhner cables available from AG, Radox 4GKW-AX utilises the RADOX® electron cross-linked insulation system that does not melt or flow when exposed to high temperatures. When this is combined with the fact that Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable is compatible with most mineral oils and detergents whilst also featuring enhanced corona resistance, you have a versatile cable that offers long lasting performance.

Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cables are flame retardant, low smoke and are used in both DC and AC equipment.

For a full list of available sizes (the majority of which are available in specific metre lengths) please visit the Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable product page on this site or, alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

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