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Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade

Material AG000392S01 Category

Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade

Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade is a high quality surface coating designed to provide permanent, cathodic corrosive protection for all metal surfaces. Manufactured from flaky zinc and aluminium pigments with a specially modified alkyd resin, Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade is used in both indoor and outdoor environments where it creates a quick drying protective layer that is colour coded to match RAL 9006 (“fresh hot-dip galvanisation”).

A coating created using Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade is dust dry after around 15 minutes, hardened after about 12 hours and can be painted over approximately 24 hours after application. The coating is abrasion resistant and, after being exposed to more than 550 hours of salt spray (in accordance with DIN 53167 or DIN 50021 test standards) showed no signs of corrosion.

This long lasting spray has a metal content of around 70% and forms a highly resistant coating which stands up to even extreme weather and environmental influences. This spray is typically used in conjunction with Weicon Zinc Spray which serves as a good primer for the bright grade.

Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade is typically used as a high quality rust protection primer, for touching up welded or drilled sections, as a conductive intermediate layer in spot welding and anywhere that metal must be protected against corrosion.

This economical spray is available from AG in 400ml aerosols. Weicon Zinc Spray and Weicon Zinc Paint are both also available from your local AG.

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