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Weicon Rust Converter Spray

Material AG0000297S01 Category

Weicon Rust Converter Spray

Weicon Rust Converter Spray is a highly effective spray that neutralizes rust on steel and cast iron surfaces. This spray has excellent penetrating properties and effectively transforms the rust into a black layer that then serves as a base coat and foundation for a secondary, permanent protective coating (such as Weicon Zinc Spray).

Manufactured from an epoxy resin base by Weicon in Germany, Rust Converter penetrates and transforms rust to create a metallic, organic iron compound. This is stabilised by the epoxy resin and allows this layer to protect metal from impact damage.

Weicon Rust Converter Spray is anti-corrosive and is semi-opaque (beige-transparent) in colour. It can be used indoors or outdoors as it has very good weather and UV resistance. Rust Converter Spray also withstands solvents. This spray has a temperature rating of -50°C to +80°C for continuous exposure though it will handle short-term spikes (<15 minutes) up to 160°C.

This versatile rust converting spray can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Anywhere rust is present on structures, machinery, plant and equipment rust converter may be a potential solution.

This newly developed spray (released in 2017) has already found a home in treating and eradicating rust on agricultural equipment and in the automotive sector where it is not only used to eliminate rust, but to serve as a protective, preventative barrier to rust forming in the first place.

Available Sizes of Rust Converter Spray

Weicon Rust Converter Spray is available from Associated Gaskets in 400ml aerosol cans.

Using Rust Converter Spray

Preparing the Surface
Before you apply Rust Converter, it is important to ensure that the surface you are spraying is dry, clean and free of dust, oil, fat or grease. Remove any loose rust, dirt, paint residue or other contaminants with a wire brush or by grinding. If you do grind it, ensure that grinding dust is also removed. Cleaning the surface with Weicon Cleaner S is ideal.

Applying the Spray
Weicon Rust Converter Spray should be applied in 3 to 4 separate spray cycles (each around 3-5 minutes apart to allow time for ventilation and interaction with the surface). The surface should be sprayed from a distance of around 25-30cm.

Once these 3-4 cycles have been completed, allow to dry. This will take approximately 2 hours (depending on curing conditions). Once it has completely dried, a top coat can then be applied.

For more information on Weicon Rust Protection Spray, or any other product in our range of corrosion protection solutions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.



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