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Weicon Easy Opener Tool

Material AG000874S01 Category

Weicon Easy Opener Tool

A deceptively simple tool that makes opening up clipped housings and sensitive electronic parts and components easier.

Our Easy Opener tool allows access to the small gaps on these parts so they can be opened without damaging them.

Made from reinforced polyamide in Germany.

Our Easy Opener is a simple plastic tool made for the gentle disassembly of sensitive components.

This tool is made in Germany from high quality polyamide and has been specially designed for be easy to use on multiple surface types.

Our Easy Opener has three different leverage points with different thicknesses allowing for good access to most small sections and gaps.

Is has just enough flexibility to it to exert the right amount of force without compromising on strength. It is also designed not to scratch or damage surfaces.

Our Easy Opener is typically used for opening sensitive electronic devices, components or objects with clipped housings. Around the world, the Weicon Easy Opener Tool is used by DIYers, electricians, repairers, contractors and anyone else who has to open up tricky or sensitive devices over and over again.

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