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Quality safety tools designed to keep workers hands and fingers away from potential impact or pinch points when working with hydraulic torqueing gear, impact wrenches or flogging spanners.

Available in 3 sizes.

Available from Associated Gaskets in three different sizes, the FingerSaver is used on all kinds of job sites to protect workers hands when using different kinds of flogging spanners and wrenches.

This simple yet critical tool is easy to use and made from high quality materials. The plastic tubing is designed to withstand impact and is tough and long lasting. The strap is seat belt grade and the rubber portion that allows you to fix the spanner in place is designed to handle the rigours of repeated tensioning.

The three different sizes of FingerSavers available from AG cover different application needs.

Our Compact FingerSaver is the smallest and most recent addition to the line-up. It is designed for one person use and measures just 295mm in length which allows it to fit into many standard toolboxes. It weighs 164 grams.

The Standard FingerSaver is similar to the above and was the original. It is also designed for one person operation. It measures 375mm long and weighs 200 grams.

Our Large FingerSaver is designed to be used by two people. Each one of these is 850mm long and weighs 650 grams.

All of our Finger Savers are manufactured in the UK and are used all over Australia and around the world.

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