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Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray

Material AG000208S01 Category

Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray

All-Round Sealing Spray is a remarkably versatile and effective solution for sealing up pitted metal, small leaks, fine cracks and seams. It is a sprayable plastic that sets hard and bonds to most materials. This spray-on sealant can be used in many different industries for construction, manufacture and repair work.

Available in three different colours, Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray is based on a styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and is very easy to use. Simply spray a sufficient quantity onto the surface and allow a little time for it to react. Repeat the process as necessary to achieve a good coverage and reliable seal.

All-Round Sealing Spray is ideal for fast, permanent sealing of many different types of surface. Some examples include:

♦ Pitted gutters, sewage and drainage pipes.
♦ Caravans and mobile homes.
♦ Boats.
♦ Roofs and windows.
♦ Pool walls.
♦ Pond liners.
♦ Cell and ventilation shafts.

Once it’s dry, Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray can be painted over. It will withstand temperatures between -50°C and +100°C once it’s fully cured. It is also waterproof and weather resistant. It protects metal against corrosion and is free of bitumen and silicone.

All-Round Sealing Spray can be used indoors or outdoors.

This spray on sealing spray sticks well to most surfaces including stone, metal, wood, enamel and many plastics.


Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray is available from your local Associated Gaskets branch in 400ml Aerosol cans. The following colours are offered:

♦ White
♦ Black
♦ Grey

For more information on this easy to use sealing spray, or any other item in our enormous range of technical sprays and liquids. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch. We’ll be happy to assist.

All-Round Sealing Spray Demonstration Video.

To show just how simple it is to create an effective, lasting seal with this spray Weicon have put together a video of it being used to seal gutters, pipe elbows, joins and seams. It’s included below:



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