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Virgin PTFE Rod

Virgin PTFE Rod

Virgin PTFE Rods, also known as Teflon™, offer exceptional chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance (-200°C to 260°C), and low friction. These properties make PTFE rods ideal for a variety of applications, including electrical insulation in electronics and automotive industries, mechanical uses in bearings and gears, and chemical processing parts like gaskets and seals.

Their superior electrical insulation and bio-compatibility also make them suitable for medical devices and aerospace applications. Available in various sizes, Virgin PTFE rods provide reliable, high-performance solutions for diverse industrial needs, ensuring safety, durability, and efficiency across multiple sectors.

Virgin PTFE Rods combine excellent chemical resistance, strong temperature resistance and high dielectric strength.

They are machinable and versatile products are used for a wide range of applications . These PTFE rods are precision-engineered to meet the highest standards for a range of applications, ensuring you get the best performance every time.

PTFE rods are renowned for their outstanding resistance to almost all chemicals and solvents. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where they might come into contact with corrosive substances, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding applications. With a working temperature range of -200°C to 260°C and a melting point of 327°C, PTFE rods can withstand extreme temperatures. This high thermal stability makes them suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including those in high-heat environments.

For applications that require low friction or anti-adhesive properties, PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction among solid materials. This property is especially beneficial in applications requiring the smooth sliding action of parts, such as bearings, gears, and slide plates, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of components. Virgin PTFE rods also offer excellent electrical insulation, characterized by a high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, and high electrical resistance. These properties make PTFE an excellent choice for electrical and electronics applications, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Typical Applications for Virgin PTFE Rods

  • Electrical Insulation: PTFE rods are essential in the manufacturing of wire and cable insulation, connector assemblies, and printed circuit boards. Their superior electrical insulation properties make them a staple in the electronics, telecommunications, and automotive industries.
  • Mechanical Applications: Due to their low friction and high durability, PTFE rods are frequently used in the production of bearings, gears, slide plates, and seals. These components are crucial in machinery and equipment used across automotive and manufacturing sectors.
  • Chemical Processing: With their excellent chemical resistance, PTFE rods are ideal for constructing parts exposed to corrosive substances, such as linings, gaskets, and seals. This makes them a popular choice in the chemical processing industry.
  • Aerospace and Defence: The high-temperature resistance and lightweight nature of PTFE rods make them suitable for various applications in aerospace and defence, including insulation for wiring and connectors, as well as in the production of seals and gaskets.
  • Medical Industry: PTFE is bio-compatible and can withstand sterilization, making it suitable for numerous medical applications. PTFE rods are used in manufacturing medical devices, laboratory equipment, and in surgical procedures for parts like catheters and suture threads.

Standard Sizes

Associated Gaskets stocks Virgin PTFE Rods in a variety of sizes. Standard length of all is 300mm. Diameters range from 25mm to 80mm with many more available upon request.

We can also produce custom made insulators, bushes and components made from Virgin PTFE Rod, our Virgin PTFE Sheet and more. For details on these, or to discuss your individual requirements please do contact us.

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