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Epoxy Glass Rod

Available in an enormous range of sizes, AG’s Epoxy Glass Rod combines excellent mechanical strength with good electrical insulation performance. This highly economical material is widely used in the manufacture of electrical bushings, structural parts, insulating blocks and more.

Manufactured from epoxy glass resin cast with fibreglass reinforcements, Epoxy Glass Rod is capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of up to 130ºC in electrical applications (we also have other grades available for higher temp. applications). It also exhibits excellent compressive and flexural strength and provides consistently long lasting performance.

The mechanical strength of this material allows AG’s Epoxy Glass Rod to be accurately cut or machined to size whilst the wide range of standard sizes ensures that there is minimal wastage. Yellow in colour, AG’s standard grade of Epoxy Glass Rod machines very well and can be worked to tight dimensional tolerance when an application requires it.

Available Sizes

Standard sizes of Epoxy Glass Rod begin at 10mm Ø and range all the way through to 130mm Ø. Our commonly stocked diameters of Epoxy Glass Rod are listed below though others are also available upon request. Standard length for all is 1000mm.

In addition to our standard sizes, AG can also produce cut, profiled or fully machined components to suit the needs of your application. For more information on the full range of sizes or fabrication options available, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

Standard Diameters of Epoxy Glass Rod
8mm Ø 32mm Ø
10mm Ø 40mm Ø
12mm Ø 50mm Ø
14mm Ø 65mm Ø
16mm Ø 80mm Ø
18mm Ø 105mm Ø
20mm Ø 110mm Ø
22mm Ø 130mm Ø
24mm Ø
25mm Ø