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Spiral Wrap Tube

Material AG000790S01 Category

Spiral Wrap Tube

A quality grade of tubing used for protecting cables, hoses and flexible tube, our Spiral Wrap Tubing has excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

Our Spiral Wrap is made from black Polyethylene, has good chemical resistance and enhanced UV resistance for applications indoors or outdoors. It can withstand up to 80°C.

Made in Australia this quality product is available in a selection of sizes to suit your applications’ requirements.

Manufactured from high density polyethylene, our Spiral Wrap Tube is a high quality, tough and durable grade of tubing designed for heavy duty applications.

This tube is manufactured in Australia and has high impact and abrasion resistance. It is designed to protect all kinds of cables and hoses in a variety of industrial applications.

Black in colour, our Spiral Wrap Tubing is available in a selection of sizes to suit your requirements. All are RoHS compliant, meet UL94 V0 requirements for flammability and have strong UV resistance so they are suitable for applications indoors or outdoors. This tube has a continuous operating temperature rating of -40°C to +80°C and will also withstand short-term spikes to 100°C.

Spiral Wrap Tube is designed for use in applications requiring protection of electrical cable, hydraulic hose, air and gas lines and is widely used in the transport, plant maintenance and electrical repair industries.

Available Sizes of Spiral Wrap Tube.

  • 12mm Dia to 17mm Dia
  • 16mm Dia to 22mm Dia.
  • 20mm Dia to 28mm Dia.
  • 24mm Dia to 33mm Dia.
  • 32mm Dia to 42mm Dia.
  • 40mm Dia to 54mm Dia.
  • 52mm Dia to 65mm Dia.

All rolls are 20 metres long. For applications that require a tight fit to a hose, tube or cable, a slightly longer length of spiral wrap will be required. Use the formula; Actual length required = (Cable O.D. ÷ Spiral Wrap I.D.) x Cable Length.


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