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Refrasil RB2000 Blanket

Material AG000636S01 Category

Refrasil RB2000 Blanket

A high temperature insulation material capable of long lasting insulation performance in environments up to 1090ºC.

Offers outstanding chemical resistance and is non-respirable nor soluble in water which allows for it to be used in a wide range of applications.

Refrasil blanket / batt is a high temperature insulation material capable of long lasting insulation performance in the most demanding of environments. RB2000 is a lightweight, high temperature material manufactured from 100% amorphous silica fibre that has been specially treated to reduce shrinkage at elevated temperature. This high quality insulation is binder free, has zero shot content and is used in applications with continuous temperatures of 1090ºC (can handle intermittent spikes to 1200ºC and has a melting point of 1593ºC).

Refrasil Blanket 2000 has outstanding chemical resistance and contains no refractory ceramic fibre. It also offers excellent sound absorption, is highly resilient and non-respirable. It is widely used in applications which require a very high temperature insulation material, with good physical integrity, low shrinkage.

RB2000 Refrasil Blankets are available, as standard, in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 25mm. These materials are often supplied either by the metre or in custom component form. AG is highly experienced at working with this excellent thermal material and can offer it in custom slit, cut or fully fabricated form. We’ve often utilised this material in conjunction with other high quality insulations to supply high temperature covers, expansion joints or pipe wraps and would be happy to assist you with your application.

For a lower temperature alternative, also consider our RB1800 Refrasil Blanket.

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