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Premium Grade Fibreglass Cloth

Material AG000638S01 Category

Premium Grade Fibreglass Cloth

A premium grade fibreglass cloth that offers excellent resistance to sunlight and ageing, and possesses high dielectric strength.

Resistant to most chemicals and will perform in applications where continuous temperatures reach up to 540ºC.

Offering additional strength and density characteristics when compared to our industrial grades of fibreglass insulation cloth, AG’s premium range is comprised of a number of different cloths in varying thicknesses, widths and finishes. All of our premium fibreglass cloth materials offer excellent resistance to sunlight and ageing, high dielectric strength and good abrasion resistance. These materials are also excellent in resisting most chemicals with exceptions being wet hydrogen chloride, hydrofluoric and hot phosphoric acid.

Manufactured from very fine, E (Electrical) grade fibreglass filaments, AG’s premium range of fibreglass cloths exhibit the highest strength to weight ratio of any industrial textile as well as excellent dimensional stability and a high degree of flexibility. The majority of these grades are utilised in applications where continuous temperatures reach up to 540ºC, though some specialised grades are capable of higher levels.

This combination of strength, temperature resistance and flexibility in application suitability has led to our range of premium fibreglass cloths being utilised in a number of different industries and a variety of applications, including; flange and valve covers, pad fabrics, welding curtains, oil waste retainment, drop cloths and welding blankets.

For custom applications, AG is also able to offer our many years of experience and expertise in providing fully fabricated solutions. Our specialised facilities allow us to precisely cut, slit, sew or shape finished solutions utilising these premium grade fibreglass cloths either as standalone insulation, or in combination with one of our other high quality insulation materials, selected to match your specific application.

AG offers premium grade fibreglass cloth insulation in a number of different thicknesses and widths along with a variety of coating and finish options with a number of these explored on the related specialised fibreglass cloths page.


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