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Neoprene Nylon Insertion Rubber, Black, 65 Duro

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Neoprene Nylon Insertion Rubber, Black, 65 Duro

A premium grade neoprene rubber sheet which is reinforced with Nylon insertion which offers good resistance to UV, weathering, tearing and abrasion.

Possesses moderate resistance to oil and petroleum products which allows this gasket to be used in a range of low pressure sealing applications.

AG’s standard grade of Neoprene Nylon Insertion rubber is a reinforced version of premium Neoprene rubber which offers enhanced tear strength and dimensional stability. This material is manufactured from Chloroprene rubber polymer and is reinforced with nylon monofilament. The number of layers of Nylon reinforcement varies depending on overall material thickness, though generally 1.5mm and 3mm have one ply of Nylon whilst 4.5mm and 6mm have two.

Standard grade Neoprene Nylon Insertion rubber has a hardness of 65 (±5) Shore A and is employed in applications with temperatures between -25ºC and 90ºC. Black in colour, this material exhibits good resistance to UV, weather and abrasion.

Our standard grade of Neoprene Nylon Insertion Rubber is a cost effective solution for a range of applications which require the sealability of rubber but with additional strength. To ensure this versatile material is suited to as many applications as possible, AG offers a full fabrication service for this product. This means we can supply our Neoprene Nylon Insertion by the roll, metre or in slit rolls, strips, cut gaskets or intricately cut custom components.

For more information on this, or our premium grade Neoprene Nylon Insertion which is often employed for diaphragm and other high stress applications, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

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Neoprene Rubber, Nylon Insertion 65 Duro TDS

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