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Isonel 31HF High Flash Varnish

Material AG000841S01 Category

Isonel 31HF High Flash Varnish

Isonel 31HF is a high flash point, modified polyester-based impregnating varnish known for its excellent electrical, mechanical, chemical, and moisture resistance properties. Ideal for Thermal Class H (180°C) applications, it is used in manufacturing and repairing motors, generators, transformers, and drives.

It can be applied by dipping, rolling, flooding, or vacuum processing and is effective at elevated temperatures (80-100°C). Key benefits include high heat resistance, superior electrical insulation, and reduced evaporation loss. Isonel 31HF complies with the RoHS Directive and is packaged in 185 kg metal drums.

Isonel 31HF is a high flash point, modified polyester-based impregnating varnish. This thermosetting varnish offers excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as well as chemical and moisture resistance. It’s similar to its parent, Isonel 31, but with a higher flash point.

Manufactured by Elantas, this quality varnish is used all around Australia by various motor repairers and rewinders.

Typical Applications for Isonel 31 HF Varnish

Isonel 31HF is perfect for manufacturing and repairing electrical machines, particularly those in Thermal Class H (180°C), such as:
– Standard motors
– Generators
– Transformers

Performance Characteristics
Appearance Yellow to light brown clear liquid
Viscosity 100 – 200 s
Density 0.93 g/ml (ISO1675)
Solids Content 46-50%
Cure Schedule 4 hours @ 160ºC
Flash Point 61ºC minimum (by closed cup)



Isonel 31HF is processed by all conventional impregnating methods, such as dipping, rolling or flooding. It can also be processed under vacuum. In this case, the vacuum should not drop below 20 mbar to avoid high solvent evaporation. The most advantageous impregnating  method in each case depends on the given technical possibilities of the plant, the structure of the components, and the demands placed on the object to be impregnated under operating conditions.

For more information on proper methods for applying, processing and maintaining Elmotherm 083-1980 varnish, please consult the appropriate TDS and SDS for this varnish.

Available Sizes

Isonel 31HF High Flash is available for Associated Gaskets in 185kg Drums.

For more information on this high quality varnish, or assistance with selecting the best varnish for your electrical repair work, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

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