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Weicon Isolation Spray

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Weicon Isolation Spray

This easy to use spray creates a dry, flexible film that is resistant to UV and moisture.

It is typically used for insulating and protecting all kinds of electronic components and connections.


Weicon Isolation Spray is a clear, spray-on aklyd resin based covering with high dielectric strength. Typically used to insulate, protect and isolate components and parts, this spray on resin cures fast at room temperature (about 2 hours, dust dry after 15 minutes) and is clear in colour.

Isolation Spray is free of silicones and has good adhesion to most surfaces and materials.

It is resistant to UV and moisture so it can be used to create a waterproof finish. The final film is dry and semi-flexible.

Once dry, insulating barriers made with Isolation Spray are able to withstand temperatures between -40°C and +120°C.

This quality spray is typically used for creating protective, insulating coatings on electrical connections, switchboards, coils and various other electronic components.

For more information on this sprays technical properties and guidance on use, please refer to the documentation included below.

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon Isolation Spray TDS
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Weicon Isolation Spray SDS


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