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Contractors Silicone (SCS1000 Series)

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Contractors Silicone (SCS1000 Series)

A general-purpose, economical grade of silicone adhesive sealant.

Our contractors silicone is a one-part, acetic cure type that bonds well to most material types and exhibits very good long term performance.

It is suitable for use in temperatures up to 180°C and has excellent resistance to UV and weathering.

Our Contractors Silicone is a one part, acetic cure silicone adhesive sealants. This general-purpose grade is quite economical and is an easy to use solution for glazing and sealing applications where long term reliability is required.

Available in a selection of colours, this silicone has strong weathering and UV resistance making it viable for outdoor applications. High and low temperature performance is also good with little impact on its’ strong physical properties even after many years of exposure to temperature fluctuations.

Our Acetic Cure Contractors Silicone is non-slump and has a hardness rating of 28 Shore A once cured. Tensile strength is 1.7 MPa and it will tolerate dynamic joint movement of about 25%.

This silicone will withstand temperatures between -62°C and +180°C once it is cured. Skin over time is fairly quick at 5 to 10 minutes.

Contractors Silicone has excellent adhesion to adhesion to glass, wood, ceramics, aluminium and many plastics. It is used for everything from sealing environmental and refrigerated rooms, sheet metal skylights, ventilators, and air-conditioning units. Assembly of metal / plastic signs. Weather proofing. It may also be used to form in place gaskets.

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