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New Weicon Technical Sprays Brochure

Associated Gaskets is pleased to announce the publication of a new brochure with information on each and every one of our Technical Sprays from Weicon. Covering over 60 different products, this enormously versatile range of sprays includes a solution for every lubrication, bonding, protection, cleaning, degreasing, adhering and inspection requirement.

With a range this large, we understand that it could be difficult to find the best product for a specific application. Though we have always been (and continue to be) happy to assist by phone, email or in-person, we understand that many of you would prefer the information to make your own selection quickly and easily.

This new brochure is designed to assist with the selecting the best grade of technical spray for an individual application. By providing information on each and every one of the readily available grades, it gives readers a true understanding of what’s available in the Weicon range as well as a small amount of information on each individual type. In addition, every spray listed in the brochure links directly to the appropriate product page on this site so more information is never more than a (literal) click away.

A copy of the new brochures table of contents is included below while an electronic copy can be downloaded by clicking here (or visiting any one of the Weicon Technical Spray product pages on this site). If you would prefer a hard-copy please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch as we’ll be more than happy either have one of our technical representatives drop one through or mail one out.

Weicon Technical Sprays Brochure Table of Contents

Weicon Surface & Corrosion Protection Sprays (pg. 3-5)

Rust Protection 2000 Plus, Zinc Spray, Zinc Spray “Bright Grade”, Aluminium Sprays, Zinc-Alu Spray, Stainless Steel Spray, Stainless Steel Spray “Bright Grade”, Copper Spray, Brass Spray, Chrome Silver Spray, Corro-Protection

Cleaning & Degreasing Sprays (pg. 6-10)

Cleaner S, Burner Cleaner, Mould Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Plastic Cleaner, Parts and Assembly Cleaner, Electro Contact Cleaner, Visor Cleaner, Compressed-Air Spray, TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner, Multi-Foam, Sealant and Adhesive Remover

Lubrication and Multi-Functional Oils (pg. 11-14)

AT-44, W44T, Silicone Spray, Bio-Cut, Bio-Fluid, PTFE Spray, Fitting Spray, Anti-Friction Spray MoS2

Adhesive Lubricants (pg. 15-16)

Chain and Rope Lube, Adhering Grease – Extra Strong, Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2, Spray-On Grease H1, Spray-On Grease White, Top-Lub

Assembly Sprays (pg. 17)

Anti-Seize, Anti-Seize “High Tech”

Dissolving and Separating Sprays (pg.18-20

Rust Loosener and Contact Spray, Rust-Shock, Welding Protection, Mould Release Agent, Alu Grinding Protection, Label Remover, Chewing Gum Remover

Care & Protection Sprays (pg. 21)

Stainless Steel Care Spray, Metal-Fluid, Cockpit Spray, Hand Protective Foam

Adhesive Sprays & Other Agents (pg. 22-24)

Adhesive Spray, Adhesive Spray-Extra Strong, Adhesive Spray-For Detachable Joints, Freeze Spray, Contact Spray, Leak Detection Spray, Smoke Detector Test Spray, Starter Spray

Supplementary and Complementary Products  (pg. 25)
Other Products in the Weicon Range (pg. 26)


To download a copy, please click here.

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