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AG’s large, diverse and growing range of products contains a number of materials and solutions that meet the stringent standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. These well certified, high quality products are backed by AG’s quality endorsed fabrication standards and ongoing commitment to improvement and exemplary customer service.

In response to ongoing consultation and engagement with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, AG continues to develop our range of products and solutions. We now offer full certification for all deliveries when requested as well as customised, sealed packaging and labelling to fit in with your receiving requirements.

The list below highlights some of the existing product groups often requested by this unique industry sector with more information on all, and those not listed, available by contacting your local AG branch.

Rubber Gaskets, Tapes, Seals, Mouldings and Extrusions

Gaskets and Gasket TapesWith high quality grades including EPDM, Viton and translucent Silicone, AG has a wide range of rubbers rated for use in critical pharmaceutical applications. AG can supply these premium elastomers by the roll or metre or in custom component form. Our slitting service can provide accurately slit rubber tapes with or without peel-off adhesive linings or pre-cut bolt holes for easy installation.

In addition to the forms mentioned above, AG also offers a full range of premium quality rubber mouldings, seals and extrusions. We have a large range of standard sizes on the shelf for fast delivery and can turn around custom sizes on short lead times and with minimal setups. Our commitment to service ensures that we will work with you to identify not only the best material for your application, but also the most cost effective quantities, delivery schedules and certification methods.

Compressed Fibre and PTFE Gasket MaterialsCompressed Fibre and PTFE Gaslets

AG’s range of compressed fibre gasket sheets includes grades from a range of manufacturers and is built to be able to handle all kinds of applications. Materials such as our C8200 offer high chemical resistance coupled with certification to a number of international quality control standards.

For more corrosive environments, AG also offers a diverse range of PTFE based gasket sheet materials. This high quality range includes expanded PTFE (e.g. Gore-Tex® by Gore™) as well as PTFE based fibres, solid PTFE and reinforced sheets. All can be provided in sheet or cut gasket form with some (solid PTFE, reinforced PTFE) also available in rod, tube or machined components.

3M Specialised Tapes and LablesSpecialised Tapes

By combining world leading materials with our extensive slitting and tape converting facilities, AG is able to offer high quality industrial tapes suitable for use in the demanding applications commonly found in the paper product sector. This range includes our full variety of 3M adhesive, insulating, and specialised tapes in addition to all kinds of safety (lane marking, grip and reflective), high temperature, double sided and bonding tapes. Custom width rolls, specialised lengths and individual packaging can all be arranged to suit the needs of your application and systems.

Compression PackingsMarigold Compression Packings

Designed for sealing pumps and valves, AG’s range of Marigold packings includes grades capable of sealing almost any medium. These high quality packings include grades designed for very high temperatures, pressures and speeds and can be provided in standard or specialised lengths of fabricated into preformed packing rings for easy installation.

This range includes grades specifically designed for and certified for use with the delicate or aggressive solutions often found in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube and ComponentsPlastic Shims, Sheet, Rod & Tube

AG’s range of engineering plastics includes popular grades such as Nylon, HDPE, UHMWPE, PTFE, Polyurethane and PVC as well as specialised polycarbonates, Acetal and acrylics. Many of these are available in a variety of different colours, styles and densities with some also available with specialised surface treatment to allow bonding.

All of AG’s wide variety of plastics can be provided in sheet or custom fabricated component form with many also available in rods or tubes of various sizes.

Adhesives & LubricantsIndustrial Adhesives and Lubricants

AG’s range of high quality adhesives and lubricants are designed to provide economical, long lasting performance and reliability. Our extensive range of Weicon brand products includes everything from lubricating sprays and liquids through to highly specialised anti-seize products, anaerobic sealants, technical sprays, repair compounds and flexible sealants. Specialised grades (such as our Bio-Fluid Lubricant) are specifically designed to meet the onerous safety and compatibility requirements of this industry.

For more information on the full range of products available, or assistance with identifying the best solution for your application, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG, we’ll be more than happy to assist.