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EPDM Rubber

AG’s EPDM rubber is a high quality, premium grade of synthetic rubber made from 100% EPDM polymer. This material is specifically designed to exhibit excellent weather and UV resistance coupled with an ability to perform in temperatures up to 130ºC.

Our standard grade of EPDM rubber is a sulphur cured material with good resistance to a wide range of chemicals (acids, alkalis) though it is not recommended for use with oils or hydrocarbons. This combination of properties often leads to EPDM’s selection as a sealing material for chemical installations as well as for installation outdoors.

Available Sizes

Available in sizes ranging from 1mm through to 25mm, AG’s EPDM standard grade of EPDM rubber has a hardness of 70 (±5) Shore A, though other, softer durometers (e.g. 45 Duro) are available in a slightly more limited range of thicknesses. This rubber can be provided in standard rolls (usually 1200mm wide), by the metre or in fabricated component form.

AG offers a full fabrication service meaning we can provide laminated, adhesive backed, slit, cut or moulded EPDM components to suit your exact requirements. For more information on our standard grade of EPDM rubber, or any of our other more specialised styles of EPDM (including white FDA, insertion or potable water), please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.