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AG understands the challenges posed by extreme temperatures, massive equipment and aggressive media that are common in the metallurgical industry and has developed a product range designed to perform in these harsh environments. With over 45 years’ experience in working with companies in this sector, we are confident in our ability to continue to provide quality solutions that are reliable, economical and effective.

AG’s enormous range of products coupled with our extensive fabrication facilities ensures that we are able to provide fast solutions for unscheduled maintenance and urgent shut down requirements. These capabilities are coupled with our network of branches in most Australian states and our commitment to service that ensures that we will work with you to deliver the best solution required, on time.

Whether you require technical assistance with product selection, or someone to visit your plant to inspect, measure and advise on a specific application, AG is able to assist.

Thermal Insulation MaterialsThermal Insulation

AG’s range of thermal insulation includes a vast selection of boards, papers, felts, cloths, tapes, ropes, sleevings, packings and compounds designed to withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive media and arduous environments. This range of materials includes everything from standard ceramic board and fibreglass cloths through to our high quality Refrasil range of cloths, tapes, ropes and sleevings.

Whether you require high strength rigid board, specialised felts that expand when heated, or ceramic ropes for insulating pipework, AG has the stock and experience needed to assist.

Fabricated Thermal Insulation SolutionsCustom Thermal Insulation Components

In addition to the vast range of materials briefly described above, AG is proud to be able to offer fully customised thermal insulation solutions. Utilising our extensive stock of raw materials, we can produce custom made pipe insulation, pump covers, expansion joints, thermal shields, welding blankets and almost any other type of insulation component.

AG is happy to assist with material selection, measuring and design of the best option for your specific application. Our technical representatives have extensive experience in working with a range of companies in the smelting, refining and metal working and processing fields are happy to use this experience to assist you with solving problem applications, reducing costs and increasing plant efficiency.

Rubber, Fibre and Specialised Cut GasketsCompressed Fibre, Graphite and PTFE Based Gaskets

AG’s wide range of soft gasket materials ensures that we have everything from waste water to high temperature and aggressive media applications covered. This range includes almost every type of sealing rubber, compressed fibre sheets from a variety or manufacturers and high quality graphite sheets and PTFE based gaskets.

Many of AG’s gasket sheet materials are also held in extra-large sheets to allow for the fabrication of single piece, extra-large gaskets whilst all are held in a wide variety of thicknesses. By stocking such a large range of materials, AG is able to provide incredibly fast delivery of these often critical, yet overlooked, parts of any maintenance work and can also assist with custom packaging, coding, descriptions and delivery schedules that will work best with your existing systems.

Metallic & Semi-Metallic GasketsMetallic Gaskets

Though the various styles of “soft” materials described above can handle quite demanding performance requirements, sometimes the pressure or temperature of an application requires the use of a metallic or semi-metallic gasket. When this is the case, AG has you covered with an enormous range of stocked spiral wound gaskets (SWG), Kammprofile, enveloped, RTJ and corrugated metal gaskets. We compliment these with extensive in house fabrication facilities so we can quickly produce custom gaskets for your application.

Marigold Compression PackingsMarigold Compression Packings

AG’s range of Marigold Packings includes grades designed for extremely abrasive and corrosive environments. Packings are available for high pressure or high temperature applications, for use with aggressive media, and with a range of reinforcements, treatments and lubricants to ensure maximum compatibility with almost all conceivable applications. AG couples this enormous range of packings with large stock holdings and the ability to offer preformed packing rings to reduce labour and ensure quick delivery for unscheduled maintenance jobs.