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Welding Blankets

AG can manufacture welding blankets from our enormous range of thermal insulation materials so that they suit almost any temperature, application or size requirements imaginable.

As each blanket is sewn to suit your exact specifications so reinforced edges, flexible fillers, additional coatings, metallic reinforcements, custom placed eyelets or convenient carry-bags can all be arranged without hassle. This gives you ultimate flexibility in the design of your welding blankets so that they perfectly match your needs.

As we offer one of Australia’s largest ranges of thermal insulation materials, AG is confident we have the material variety and stock needed to produce welding blankets for any and all applications. From highly economical leather options through to fibreglass, ceramic, aramid or high performance Refrasil insulation materials, AG has the range of stocked materials available to produce blankets capable of handling in excess of 1250ºC.

Often times, the ideal material isn’t one single material but two (or more). When this has been the case, our experienced sewing team has always been able to fabricate the exact solution required whether that meant a combination of leather, felt and filler or high temperature Refrasil fully encasing a thermal insulation felt.

If you would like more information on the full range of options available, or need one of our technical representatives to meet with you to inspect your application, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.