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AG understands the pressures facing manufacturing in Australia and is committed to doing all we can to assist this vital industry. To achieve this, AG is working with our manufacturing customers to help in reducing costs, increasing quality and strengthening surety of supply. We understand the importance on consistent quality to manufacturers as, quite often, our product forms part of your product. We have therefore sought and achieved recognition under ISO 9001:2008 and continue to strengthen our systems so that quality is guaranteed.

In addition to this commitment to quality, AG holds large stock of raw materials from a wide range of manufacturers. This independence allows us to offer the most cost effective option available, regardless of brand whilst our large stock holding enable us to meet tight lead times when they do occur.

Gaskets & SealsGaskets and Seals

AG’s wide range of gasket and sealing products are used by a variety of different manufacturers throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific. This range includes our enormous selection of rubber, fibre, graphite and plastic materials, metallic and semi-metallic gaskets, gasket tapes, seals, mouldings, extrusions and shims.

With almost 50 years experience in the gasket field, AG is well versed in identifying suitable replacements for existing parts and materials. We are often called upon to assist in finding a more cost-effective replacement part before producing customised gaskets and seals from existing samples, drawings or sketches.

Electrical InsulationElectrical Insulation & Conductors

AG has the range of products needed to suit almost any electrical insulation application. Our electrical insulation range includes our high strength rigid insulation boards, rods, tubes and pultrusions, all of which can be cut or machined to suit precise dimensional requirements. We also offer a full range of flexible insulation materials as well as electrical tapes, ropes, cords and sleevings.

This vast range of products is complemented by our electrical epoxies, coatings and compounds. Many grades are available in different pack sizes so that you can take advantage of bulk purchasing for repeat jobs, or limit wastage for small, once-off applications.

Thermal InsulationThermal Insulation

Designed to protect against extreme temperatures, AG’s range of thermal insulation has most applications covered. This selection of materials includes our rigid thermal insulation boards, thermal cloths, batts and tapes, ropes, cords, sleevings, packings and adhesive compounds. All of these can be supplied in raw material form or fabricated to suit the precise dimensional requirements of your application.

AG’s well established fabrication facilities can also produce highly customised thermal solutions using any number of these high quality insulation materials. Whether you require expansion joints, thermal covers, welding blankets or some other form of insulation component, AG’s experienced staff will be happy to assist you with inspecting the application environment before working with you to come up with a cost effective, customised solution.

Specialised ProductsSpecialised & Miscellaneous Items

In addition to our vast range of gasket, electrical and thermal products, AG is also proud to offer a variety of specialised products often used in the manufacturing industry. These products include our range of Momentive Silicones, Weicon Adhesives, Lubricants and Technical Sprays, 3M™ Specialised Tapes and a variety of other acoustic insulation, pipe protection and safety products.

Many of our specialised products can be converted to suit the needs of custom applications and all can be provided with custom packaging or specialised labeling.