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AG has longstanding relationships with a wide range of companies in the engineering industry and is proud to have worked with them on a diverse range of projects. This experience has allowed us to develop an acute understanding of the needs of this industry. Our enormous range of stocked materials, extensive fabrication facilities and comprehensive technical and safety data libraries allow us to offer assistance in determining the correct material for a given application before delivering these items on short lead times.

AG’s commitment to providing the highest quality service means we are always looking for ways to add greater value for our customers. As a result, we are happy to offer specialised packaging, part deliveries and documentation and lables utilising your part #’s and descriptions which are all designed to assist when the goods arrive on site. With AG, almost every part of the process (from material ID through follow-up support) can be customised to suit your needs.

The sections below present information on just some of our enormous range of products and materials used in the engineering industry. More information on each is available by following the links from this page or by contacting your local AG branch.

Gasket MaterialsCompressed Fibre, Graphite and PTFE Based Gaskets

AG’s extensive range of gasket materials ensures that all potential applications are covered. We combine out enormous stocks of different grades of rubbers with a variety of compressed fibre materials, graphites, PTFE and reinforced sheet. This wide variety of options ensures we have all potential combinations of pressure, temperature and chemicals covered whilst our brand neutrality ensures that we can offer the very best material for your application.

This wide variety of materials are coupled with extensive fabrication facilities which can produce gaskets in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Many of the material types listed are available in extra-large sheets for producing one piece gaskets however, when a segmented gasket is required, these can also be supplied dovetailed (and even glued) for easy installation and leak free performance.

Finished GasketsSpiral Wound, RTJ and Insulating Gaskets

To compliment our range of soft-cut, AG also offers a variety of types of metallic, semi-metallic and insulating finished gaskets. This range includes a number of different types of spiral wound gaskets (SWG) available in a broad range of sizes and well as corrugated metal and Kammprofile designs. We also stock a huge selection of high-pressure Ring Type Joint (RTJ) gaskets and flange isolation kits (FIKs) in a number of different configurations and can produce custom sized gaskets in these styles on short lead times.

Gasket TapesGasket Tapes

Available in variety of styles, types and sizes, AG’s range of gasket tapes are perfect for quick installation. This range includes our Sealon expanded PTFE tape as well as our solid rubber and adhesive backed sponge varieties. Many of these are available in a range of thicknesses and can be custom slit by AG to suit the specific needs of your application.

All of AG’s wide range of  rubber tapes can be supplied with various adhesive backings and can even be fabricated with pre-punched bolts holes for easy, time saving application.

High Strength Rigid Insulation BoardsRigid Electrical Insulation

AG has a range of high strength boards designed to provide outstanding electrical or thermal insulation properties. Many of these high performance materials also offer excellent physical characteristics including mehcanical strength, machinability and durability which has led to their employment in a number of different engineering applications. Our Isoval Epoxy Glass, Haysite Polyester Glass, Silicone Bonded Mica, Phenolic Base Laminates and Sindanyo are just some of the many grades available.

Specialised Tapes3M Specialised Tapes and Lables

By combining access to some of the world’s best tape brands with our extensive slitting capabilities, AG is able to offer a wide range of tapes; many of which can be custom slit to suit your needs.

Our electrical insulation tape range covers everything from PVC to high voltage, B-Stage, mica tapes whilst our specialised tapes include 3M brand VHB® and Double Sided Adhesive as well as engineering grade reflective and protection tapes and a huge range of other styles.

SiliconesMomentive Silicones

AG offers the full and exhaustive range of Momentive Silicones (formerly GE). These include everything from grades designed for general-purpose, day-to-day applications to highly specialised grades used in sensitive electronic, thermal and sealing applications.

Along with stock, AG has access to a comprehensive library of technical information on these high quality silicones and will be happy to assist with identifying the best grade for your application.

Customised Thermal InsulationCustom Thermal Insulation Components

In addition to our selection of thermal cloths, tapes, ropes, cords, packing, sleeving, board and paper, AG is proud to offer a full thermal insulation component fabrication service. We’ve had extensive experience with developing solutions for extreme environments and can produce custom-made welding blankets, expansion joints, pipe covers or insulation barriers to suit most applications. Our enormous stock holdings ensures that a range of materials are available for use and that quick delivery of your component can be achieved.

Adhesives & CleanersIndustrial Adhesives and Lubricants

With a range that includes products from brands such as Weicon®, 3M®, Loctite® and Araldite®, AG has the exact adhesive or cleaning product your application requires. Many of these high quality products are available in a number of different pack sizes for reduced wastage and can normally be provided with no minimum order quantity.

For more information on any of the product types listed here, or for assistance with identifying the best solution for your application, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.