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Chemical and Petro-Chemical

AG is proud to have worked with a variety of companies in the chemical and petro-chemical industries for the last 45+ years. This experience has allowed us to develop a real understanding of the highly critical environments of these industries and, as a result, ensure we have the range of products needed for these demanding applications. In addition to having the largest range, AG also offers only high quality products available with full certification so that you can be sure they will offer the exact level of long lasting performance you require.

Rubber Gaskets and SealsRubber Elastomers

AG’s comprehensive range of rubber elastomer materials allows us to be certain we have all common chemical sealing applications covered.  This includes an enormous variety of styles, thicknesses, colours and sizes of Rubber Insertions, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Hypalon, Red Rubber and Gum Rubber. Many of these are also available in different densities with some also forming the basis of our range of different adhesive backed (and non-adhesive) closed cell rubberised foam sheets.

AG offers all these materials by the roll or metre and will be happy to assist in providing custom slit rolls or cut components to suit your particular application.

Compressed Fibre Gasket SheetsCompressed Fibre, Graphite and PTFE Based Gaskets

Compressed fibre materials are designed for sealing a wide range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals; though each grade does different things well. With over 45 years of experience in helping select the best material for a given application, AG is happy to assist in identifying optimum materials and combines this willingness to assist with our brand independence so that you can be sure that you really are getting what’s best for you, not us.

Linked to our standard compressed fibre materials, AG also offers a variety of graphite and PTFE based sheet materials. Our graphite materials are available as either plain graphite or with a variety of metallic or non-metallic reinforcements which add physical strength to what is already an excellent high temperature sealing material. Conversely, AG’s range of solid, filled and expanded PTFE sheets are known for exhibiting some of the best chemical resistance properties of any material meaning that gaskets made from these high end products can be relied upon to seal even those extremely robust mediums.

Pump & Valve PackingsMarigold Compression Packings

For plants running pumps or valves in conjunction with aggressive media, AG also offers our diverse range of Marigold Packings. These can be provided in either standard cut lengths, bulk coils or in specially formed packing rings to suit your needs. AG’s Marigold Packings are crafted from high quality raw materials and make use of specially formulated lubricants and reinforcements to ensure long lasting performance and minimal equipment downtime.

AG’s range of Marigold Pump & Valve Packings includes grades manufactured from pure or blends of PTFE, Graphite and many other common sealing materials. For more information on the full range available, please contact your local AG.

Plastic & Metal ShimsPlastic & Metal Shims

By combining our extensive stock of a range of different metallic and plastic shim products with our fabrication facilities, AG is able to offer accurately cut spacing shims to suit a variety of spacing and sealing applications. Whether you require standard plastic shim sheet or cut and deburred mild steel shims, AG has the range required.

Stocked materials include popular grades such as PTFE, Nylon, HDPE, UHMWPE, Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminium as well as numerous others. All are available in a range of thicknesses.

Rubber Seals, Mouldings & ExtrusionsRubber Seals, Mouldings and Extrusions

AG is also well known for producing complex, high quality rubberised seals, mouldings and extrusions for the chemical & petrochemical industries. By using high quality grades of materials such as Viton® and Silicone, we are able to offer rubberised seals capable of resisting a diverse range of aggressive chemicals whilst our in-house, quality controlled fabrication facilities ensure that tight tolerances are delivered upon.

Many standard sizes of rubber seals, mouldings and extrusions are held in stock whilst custom sized components can be quickly produced to meet urgent requirements.

Metallic & Semi-Metallic GasketsMetallic Gaskets

Though the various styles of “soft” materials described above can handle quite demanding performance requirements, sometimes the pressure or temperature of an application requires the use of a metallic or semi-metallic gasket. When this is the case, AG has you covered with an enormous range of stocked spiral wound gaskets (SWG), Kammprofile, enveloped, RTJ and corrugated metal gaskets. We compliment these with extensive in house fabrication facilities so we can quickly produce custom gaskets for your application.

Gasket TapesGasket Tapes

Offering a combination of convenience, ease of application and long lasting performance, AG’s range of gasket tapes is especially suited for use in maintenance applications around chemicals. Our range includes everything from the virtually chemical-proof adhesive backed PTFE (in both expanded, filled and virgin formats), PTFE threadseals, foam, rubberised form and plain rubber tapes. Many of these are stocked in a range of standard sizes whilst AG can also fabricate the vast majority to suit the needs of individual applications.

Thermal InsulationCustom Thermal Insulation Components

AG also offers an enormous range of thermal insulation materials to protect our customers against heat. This range includes everything from high temperature cloths, ropes, cords, sleevings and tapes through to rigid boards, packings, blankets, papers and components. AG specialises in providing custom thermal solutions produced from a combination of our chemically resistant and high temperature capable materials and can assist in designing the exact expansion joints, pump cover or high temperature protection required for your application.