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Cleaning Corroded Car Battery Terminals

If your car engine is slow to start or won’t start at all, chances are that corrosion has built up around the terminals on your battery. Learn how to fix this problem quickly and prevent connection issues with Weicon Electro Contact Cleaner. Now available now from AG!

As seen in the video above, Weicon Electro Contact Cleaner is the best choice when cleaning corroded car battery terminals as it quickly removes oxide and sulphide layers, combustion residues and resinous or sooty deposits and effectively reduces voltage loss whilst increasing electrical conductivity.

Electro Contact cleaner is easy-to-use, requires little to no clean-up and works in seconds, evaporating quickly and not leaving behind any residue.

The video above shows just one application of this versatile product, however Electro Contact Cleaner can also be used on measuring instruments, circuit boards, terminal blocks or anywhere that contaminates and grease can cause electrical tracking issues.

Electro Contact Cleaner is available in spray form (as seen in the video). However for larger cleaning jobs, AG can provide this cleaner in bulk liquid form which can be dispensed using most conventional dispensing equipment.

Always ensure electrical devices and contacts are not connected whilst using this product. For any further information, please contact your local AG branch.

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