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Zinc Sprays Compared – Our Range of Gal Sprays for Corrosion Protection

Rust prevention is a critical part of many metal working jobs. This is especially true for components that will be exposed to harsh Australian conditions.

Across our 50+ years of working with Australian industry, we’ve often been asked what solutions we can offer. Our full answer is quite broad and features epoxy coatings, removable rust protection and specialised technical sprays. In this post though, we’ll focus just on our most popular choice; one of our range of Zinc Sprays.

The rest of this post compares our various types, explores there features and is designed to help you decide if one of these quality sprays is right for your operations. 

Zinc Spray Used on Rusting Fence Banner

What Are Zinc Sprays Used For?

Zinc Spray, sometimes known as Gal Spray or Cold Gal Spray, is used to protect metal from rust and corrosion.

Some more specific use examples include…

  • Galvanised Metal Parts that are Cut or Drilled. 
  • Metal Surfaces Showing Signs of Rust.
  • Coating of Welded Joints.
  •  As a Conductive Intermediate Layer for Spot Welding.
Zinc Sprays are used everywhere from the construction and engineering sectors through to the marine, transport and facilities maintenance industries as well as in the DIY sector. 
Zinc Spray Bright Used on Pole Footing

Our Zinc Sprays Compared

Our Zinc Spray Range includes 4 different options.

The table below summarises their primary charateristics. Read on for a more detailed summary of each type. 

Property Zinc Spray Zinc Spray Bright Grade Zinc-Alu Spray Galva Spray
Colour slightly weathered hot-dip galvanization fresh hot-dip galvanization fresh hot-dip galvanization fresh hot-dip galvanization
Binding Agent styrenated alkyd resin modified alkyd resin acrylic resin acrylic resin
Metal Content flaky zinc and aluminium pigments flaky zinc and aluminium pigments zinc and aluminium pigments zinc and aluminium pigments
Metal Purity 99.9% Zn / 99.9% Al (approx.) 99.9% Zn / 99.5% Al (approx.) 94% Zn / 99.5% Al (approx.) 94% Zn / 99.5% Al (approx.)
% of Metal In Dry Film approx. 70% approx. 70% approx. 51% approx. 51%
Max. Temperature Resistance 500°C 300°C 300°C 300°C
Suggested Primer Not Needed Zinc Spray Zinc Spray Zinc Spray
Salt spraying test DIN EN ISO 9227 > 1,050 Hours > 550 Hours > 450 Hours > 450 Hours

Zinc Sprays from Associated Gaskets

Zinc Spray

Our most popular and highest performance type.

Zinc Spray is based on microfine zinc-flakes and provides the longest lasting rust and corrosion protection of the four sprays featured on this page.

It is fast-drying, abrasion resistant and able to be used to protect parts subjected to extreme weather and conditions.

Like all of these sprays, our Zinc Spray is manufactured in Germany and used around the world. 

It is available in 400ml cans.

Zinc Spray Bright Grade

A strong option for long lasting rust and corrosion protection. 

Zinc Spray Bright Grade is a little brighter than standard Zinc Spray. It is also based on the superior zinc microfine flake technology which ensures long lasting protection.

Though not quite as strong as Zinc Spray, Weicon Bright Zinc Spray is also a great option for industrial users needing to prevent rust long-term.

Even after more than 550 hours in the salt spray test according to DIN EN 9227, metal parts coated with  Zinc Spray bright grade did not show any corrosion.

It has a bright colour shade matching fresh hot-dip galvanization.

Zinc Spray Bright Grade​ On Bots and Nuts Application Image

Zinc-Alu & Glava Spray

Both these sprays are quite similar so we’ll summarise them together. 

Compared to the two sprays above, our Zinc-Alu and Galva Sprays are a bit more economical.

Though not as strong as the previous two, they a great option for protecting parts, surfaces and components in a wide range of applications.

These quality sprays sacrifices a little in terms of metal purity and final metal content in the finished coating.

Despite these nods to economy, both Zinc Alu and Glava spray has achieved excellent results in the DIN EN ISO 9227 Salt Spray Test where no corrosion was observed after more than 450 hours of exposure to concentrated spray.

These corrosion protection coating are available in 400ml cans. 


Which Should You Use?

The answer really depends on your requirements.

All of these Sprays provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion. All are made in Germany and are used around the world in critical industry settings.

That said, if you are looking for the longest lasting Cold Gal Spray: Weicon Zinc Spray is a strong option.

Looking for a brighter finish with the best durability? Weicon Zinc Spray Bright Grade is a great choice.

Need lasting rust protection in the most economical form? Galva Spray or Weicon Zinc-Alu Spray are great options.

All are available in 400ml cans from Associated Gaskets.

Of course, there is often more than one factor to consider when choosing a corrosion protection solution for your business.

Some of you will require approval for use in the food sector (Zinc Bright and Zinc both have NSF approval). Some will be more interested in temperature resistance, cure times or other considerations.

We can help with all of this. If you would like assistance in making a choice, need a price and availability, or have any other questions about our large range of corrosion protection sprays or plastic metal epoxy systems, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

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