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Why Water Cutting Is The Best Solution for Epoxy

When it comes to producing custom made Epoxy Glass parts, precision and efficiency are paramount. Over our decades of experience with these materials; we have found that waterjet cutting emerges as the superior solution.

This technique, utilising high-pressure water mixed with abrasives, offers unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and material integrity preservation.

Here’s why waterjet cutting stands out as the best method for handling epoxy sheet projects.

Precision and Complexity

Waterjet cutting is renowned for its exceptional precision.

It can produce intricate designs and cut with tolerances as tight as ±0.15mm.

This level of accuracy is crucial when working with epoxy sheets, which are often used in high-specification applications such as electronics, electrical manufacture and repair and aerospace industries.

The ability to execute complex cuts and detailed patterns without the need for additional finishing processes makes waterjet cutting highly efficient and cost-effective.

It is also a great option for situations that require a small number of parts. AG’s water-cutting facilities need a quality drawing or a used sample to get started, there’s (usually) no need for additional tooling.

No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

One of the most significant advantages of waterjet cutting is that it is a cold cutting method.

Unlike laser or plasma cutting, waterjet does not generate heat during the cutting process.

This means there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ), where the material properties could be altered due to high temperatures.

Various Epoxy sheets are sensitive to heat; exposure can lead to warping, melting, or other forms of degradation. Whilst many of our high temperature Isoval grades can withstand this, others can not.

Waterjet cutting maintains the integrity of the epoxy, ensuring that the mechanical properties remain unchanged.


Unlike some other cutting technologies that are limited by the thickness or type of material they can handle, waterjet cutting is extraordinarily versatile.

It can efficiently cut through varying thicknesses of epoxy sheets without any adjustment in setup.

Additionally, waterjet machines can handle other materials—metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites—making them an excellent investment for facilities that work with diverse materials.

This is one of the reasons Associated Gaskets continues to utilise Water Cutting in our Fabrication Facilities every single day. Few other technologies have proven themselves as versatile and, given the breadth of materials we stock and fabricate, we prize that flexibility.

Our Epoxy Glass Sheet range starts at 0.2mm and goes all the way to 100mm thick as standard. Water Cutters are a viable part of our ability to fabricate the lot.

No Contamination of Material

Many Laser-based cutting process produces a conductive carbonaceous soot on the polymeric surfaces along the Laser cut pattern which must be removed prior to next steps in the fabrication process.

Another benefit is that water-jet cutting is a safer alternative to methods that produce dust, fumes, or smoke. Since it uses water and natural abrasives, it does not emit hazardous materials, making it a cleaner process that is better for operators and the environment.

This aspect is particularly important in industries where maintaining a clean and safe work environment is crucial.


The combination of precision, material integrity preservation, versatility, and environmental safety makes waterjet cutting an ideal solution for fabricating epoxy sheets.

We use this fabrication method extensively and have developed the knowledge, skills and capabilities to handle even the most complex of jobs. 

Whether it is precision slot lining strips, fully customised terminal blocks, slot wedges of armatures, coil cheeks, finger plates or something new entirely; we’re ready and able to assist.

For more information on our full range of Epoxy Glass Electrical Insulation Materials, or assistance with a custom fabricated epoxy component, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets Branch

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