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The Weiconlock Threadlocking Range Now Available at AG

Designed for the permanent locking and sealing of all kinds of bolts and screws, the Weiconlock Threadlocking range is a collection of 15 different styles of anaerobic adhesives that prevent threaded connections from coming undone prematurely.

This collection of high quality products are designed to cure only when in contact with metal whilst simultaneously being deprived of air. Once cured, they form a shock and vibration resistant joint with excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents.

In screw fittings the flanks of the threads on the bolt and nut are firmly pressed together under a pre-stressing force. The achieved clamping force depends on the applied pre-stressing force, the screws geometry and the quality of the material.

When a screw fails by loosening, there can be a number of potential causes. These include:

Setting: Rough surfaces of the screws are flattened by the pressure of the pre-stressing force.
Creeping: The compressive strength of the screw material cannot resist the applied pre-stressing.
Temperature Variations: Expansion of the material at high temperatures and contraction at low temperatures.

The Weiconlock Threadlocking range has been specially designed to meet the complex needs of today’s threadlocking applications. Using conventional methods (e.g. spring ring, counter-nuts), breakaway forces are absorbed by only 40% of the contact surfaces. In contrast, threaded connections locked with Weiconlock have a higher breakaway torque. As a liquid, Weiconlock completely fills the voids and convolutions of threads to ensure 100% contact between the interfaces, thus preventing fretting corrosion at the same time.

Due to its sealing properties, Weiconlock allows the use of through-holes instead of blind tapped holes and helps to ensure specific clamp loadings. Unlike many thread sealing tapes, Weiconlock cannot be torn or broken during application and, unlike contact adhesives, offer an unlimited pot life as long as they’re exposed to air.

The 15 different styles that make up the Weiconlock Threadlocking range differ according to colour, viscosity, cure strength and the size of the threaded connections they can be used to lock. Information on each and every grade is available now from or by contacting your local AG branch.

Weiconlock AN 302-43 Thread Locker in useWeiconlock AN 302-43 ThreadLocker in ApplicationWeiconlock AN 302-70 Anaerobic Adhesive in Application

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