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Weicon Contact Adhesives Added to the AG Website

AG is proud to announce the addition of our Weicon Contact Adhesives to our website. These cyanoacrylate adhesives are high quality, German-made glues that can be used for bonding all kinds of materials.

Weicon Contact Adhesives are cold-curing, one-part adhesives that are free of solvents. They quickly polymerise by reacting with moisture on the surfaces to be bonded and from the air and cure under light pressure.

Within seconds, Weicon Contact Adhesives will bond almost all materials, including Metals, Plastics, Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Leather and both Natural and Synthetic Rubbers (amongst others).

Weicon Contact Adhesives, unlike welding or soldering, do not alter material surfaces and cause no material stress. They offer simpler and faster assembly without the need for auxiliary fixing devices or fasteners. As a result, they offer enormous time and cost savings and allow for immediate processing of fixed parts whilst simultaneously creating high strength, clean and optically appealing bonds.

Weicon Contact Adhesives provide high structural strength with a temperature resistance from -50ºC to 135ºC (as a base, some grades withstands higher temperatures) and good levels of resistance to most chemicals. In many cases, Weicon Contact Adhesives create a bond that proves to be harder than the material of the bonded parts.

More information on the different grades of Weicon Contact Adhesives is now available on this site or by contacting your local AG branch.

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