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Vision and Values

The following statements describe the mission, vision and the values of AG. Underneath these statements lies our commitment, a statement each team member has signed onto that emphasises our promise to provide quality first solutions.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional, individualised service and provide quality first solutions to be the supplier of choice.

Our Vision

To embody commitment to our core values and enter an era of sustainable growth where we contribute to the success of our customers.

Our Values

Safety – Is our first priority and we believe that everyone has a responsibility to act in a manner that promotes safety for themselves, and for those around them.

Service – Built on flexibility, we aim to constantly provide service of the highest standard.

Teamwork – Working together is the best path to success.

Quality – In everything we do.

Trust – Developed through relationships, AG respects the sometimes confidential nature of information and will not breach the trust of others, nor reward those who do so.

Ethical Behaviour – We value behaviour that is based on respect for others and an understanding of the consequences of an action. We do not promote any behaviour that is unjust or illegal and encourage individual integrity and moral accountability.

Accessibility & Openness – On both a personal level, and as an organisation, AG is committed to constantly enhancing our skills and capabilities through training, development and a desire to better our performance.

Sustainability – AG is committed to operating in a sustainable way. We believe that by conserving resources we can leave a better environment for future generations.

Diversity – Whilst it may be our shared interests and purpose that bring us together, we believe we are strengthened by our differences. We will not discriminate anyone as we value the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that contribute to our shared knowledge.

Open Communication – Achieving shared understanding is brought about through clarity, consistency and the confidence to express yourself honestly, and listen to others respectfully.

Our stakeholders – We recognise all stakeholders in our success and strive to deliver value to our customers, suppliers and society at large. We recognise our people as our most valuable asset and strive to provide them a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable environment.

Our Commitment

AG understands that commitment is not a onetime affair. Committing to our mission and exemplifying our values requires everyone to be mindful of them in every decision, every day. These statements define who we are, and living up to their ideals requires us to incorporate them into each and every interaction we have.