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See us test a Structural Acrylic Adhesive – Weicon RK-1300

If you are looking for an adhesive that you can rely on for high strength bonding then you should give Weicon RK-1300 Structural Adhesive a try. It’s a two part acrylic glue that can be used for creating ultra-high strength bonds between a range of different materials including metal, wood, ceramic, glass, stone and most plastics.

RK-1300 has excellent impact, sheer and peel resistance  and is quick and easy to use (watch the video to find out how). Once applied, RK-1300 reaches handling strength in just 6 minutes so if you need to form high strength bonds quickly, this is your solution.

But what good is simply telling you that it creates strong bonds, we’d rather show you. Which is why we put together this short video. We don’t want to tell you exactly how much he weighs, but those of you who know our Sydney Sales Manager Tim know that he’s a big man. Will a bond made with RK-1300 hold his weight? Watch the video to find out.

Weicon RK-1300 Construction Adhesive Range

RK-1300 is just one adhesive from our huge range of adhesives and sealants. For other types, you can check out the range here. For more information, including technical and safety data, head over to the product page or contact us direct.

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