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Associated Gaskets is very pleased to introduce our new, All-Round Sealing Spray from Weicon. Launched just a few months ago in Europe, this spray has already developed quite the following in numerous industries over there because of its flexibility, ease of use and speed.

This spray-on sealant can be used to seal small holes, joins and cracks. It bonds to most surface types and creates a rubberised, flexible sealing layer that lasts. The layer can be painted over or left as is.

In this post, we’ll provide a little more detail on what this spray can do and where it’s most commonly used. This information is included beneath our demo & explainer video.


All-Round Sealing Spray Demonstration Video.

To show just how simple it is to create an effective, lasting seal with this spray Weicon have put together a video of it being used to seal gutters, pipe elbows, joins and seams. 

You can see it for yourself below…

What is Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray.

All-Round Sealing Spray is a spray on rubberised sealant used to cover small holes, cracks and joins. This spray is based on Styrene Butadiene Rubber and, once cured, forms a solid, rubberised mass that maintains good flexibility.

It also bonds well to most surfaces. Known compatible materials include stone, metal, wood, enamel and many plastics.

All-Round Sealing Spray is fast acting and simple to use. As you can see in the above video, you can expect a seal to be formed after just 2 minutes. After 20 minutes it can be painted over if needed.

This quality sealing spray will be fully cured around 2-4 Hours after being applied. After this has been achieved, the cured sealing layer will withstand temperature between -50°C and +100°C. Seals made with All-Round Sealing Spray are waterproof and highly weather resistant (good for indoor or outdoor use). They also protect surfaces against corrosion.

All-Round Sealing Spray contains no bitumen or silicone.

Where is All-Round Sealing Spray Used?

Weicon introduced All-Round Sealing Spray a little earlier this year. Despite the fact it’s only been available for a few months, this spray has already been eagerly adopted for use in several different sectors around the world.

Some of the more popular uses found so far include…

Want to Learn More?

This versatile sealing spray is in stock now at Associated Gaskets in White, Black or Grey.

To learn more, or to enquire, please contact your local AG Branch.

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